Shadow the Hedgehog
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Gender Male
Status Alive
Plush appearence Brian, Sonic and Shadow vs. Bowser Jr.

Shadow is Sonic's rival, but he is no longer a villain, he was created by Professor Gerald before his death, he was found alive by Rouge, he remembered who is it, he helped Brian and Sonic to defeat Bowser Jr. 


Shadow was created by Professor Gerald, he was a black hedgehog, when he meets Sonic, he makes a race with him, his dream is to become The Ultimate Life Form, but when he defeated Bio-Hazard and sacrifice himself, Shadow is found alive by Rouge in Eggman's Base with no memory, helped by Rouge, he must remembered who is it with the help of Sonic and his friends, he encouraged Sonic to defeat Metal Overlord (Metal Sonic) for good. Shadow is no longer a villain, he befriends Sonic, Silver and Knuckles and simply Amy Rose and Tails. He meeting Team Chaotix who know how to defeat Eggman.