Mario Mario
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Gender Male
Status Alive
Plush appearence Bowser's Mushroom Factory

Mario Mario is a red fat plumber who make his appearence in Donkey Kong Arcade 1981 when he must rescue Pauline who was in distress kidnapped by Donkey Kong. He is voiced by Charles Martinet and he was officially voiced by Caroll-Ann.


When he was a baby, Mario was rescued on Yoshi Island by a Yoshi, he must rescue his brother Luigi who was been kidnapped by Kamek Koopa who practices the dark magic, he defeated Baby Bowser to save Luigi, he was helped by the Yoshis.

Reunited with LuigiEdit

When their parents are died, Mario and Luigi are reunited meeting Peach and Daisy, In a plush video, Mario and Luigi must defeat Bowser and rescue Peach who was in captive by a little Goomba and his army. Mario and Luigi must find the stars and destroy Bowser's plan for good.